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MOJOW was born from a crazy idea of its designer... It is a new state of mind where curiosity and intuition invent tomorrow's lifestyles, where preconceived ideas are made to be shaken up.

MOJOW is a creative laboratory that brought forth a new collection of furniture that will seduce a cosmopolitan generation, an urban tribe with a sure taste, eager to discover new things.Inside, outside, sitting, lying down, with MOJOW, everything is allowed, embrace the new nomadism...


Design, fun and eco-responsible products, super resistant, timeless and elegant, the MOJOWs lend themselves to all indoor or outdoor styles, whether minimalist, classic, Zen, design, romantic or even Scandinavian.

Stand out by incorporating a touch of mischief.

Mojow, boldness is in the air!

Helly & Floofy :
the new MOJOW

Helly. . It can be placed inside or outside. This nomadic pouffe stool will add style to your interior. It can be placed inside or outside and will look great in your home or office. Seat and back-rest available in white, stainless steel or black. The inflatable part in TPU is available in transparent crystal, crystal green, crystal blue, smoked, crystal pink, crystal orange.

Floofy. MOJOW revisits the French-style milking stool! You will love its originality, it can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Its new TPU material gives it exceptional resistance and it is available in 6 transparent colors: Colorless, Green, Orange, Smoked, Blue and Pink. White, Mirrored stainless steel or black structure.


In 2021, Mojow is offering 4 new exceptional pieces, created in collaboration with the French artist NEP

NEP works on the spot, without questioning his subject, giving free rein to his feelings. Basquiat, Picasso and Rouault are his main artistic references.

Customize your Mojow

Your home reflects your personality. MOJOW offers you the possibility to fulfil your desires and ideas. Customize each module of your furniture. Fill it with your most beautiful inventions, inflate it, and it's done!

Feathers, straws, marbles, confetti, LEDs, Lego©... Only one limit, your imagination! Ready to let your unbridled creativity speak for itself? Discover how to customize your armchairs and sofas on video !

A singular design

At the crossroads of styles and functions, MOJOW furniture inspires images, suggests sensations, arouses emotions... It is a new state of mind, where curiosity and intuition invent tomorrow's lifestyles, where preconceived ideas are made to be challenged.

MOJOW is a creative laboratory that has convinced the temples of design such as the Museum shops of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the MoMA in San Francisco.

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